About Me

My name is Gordan Blagojevic and I’m an aspiring Graphics designer studying at Humber College. My interests include art, animation, film and video games. I possess a multitude of technical skills from Photoshop and Flash to After Effects and Maya.

My passion for film and animation originally lead me to Sheridan Collage, where I developed the technical skills for traditional Animation.  After obtaining my bachelors degree in Animation, I had the opportunity worked on a number of projects from concept art, to motion graphics, and online games. Among those a particular project I was found of was a Kickstarter commercial for a bored game called Catacombs I made. For this commercial I used Photoshop, Maya, After Effects and Premier pro to create a commercial where I had full creative freedom. The commercial helped to make their Kickstarter campaign immensely successful, raising more then double the initial goal.

As much as I enjoyed the work I was doing, I found that most of the contracts I was receiving were for concept art and design work more then animation and film. So I decided to shift my focus from animation to design and subsequently I chose Graphic Design for Print & Web to hone my design and technical skills in the hopes of landing a profession in the digital world of graphic design.

Here is a demo reel of some of the work I’ve done in the past.

As you may have noticed from my last name, English is actually my second language, I was born in Bosnia and migrated to Canada at the age of 6. I also enjoy playing basketball and tennis with friends when I find the time.

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