Packaging Portfolio

In week Seventeen we were assigned a packaging project, and for this project we were tasked with keeping an online portfolio for each milestone.

Milestone 1:

  • Research and concept.Desing-Brief
  • Sketches.rough-sketches.gif

Milestone 2:

  • Researchpackage_sketches2.gif
  • 5 package design considerations (Display, Contain, Inform, Transport, and Protect)flex_Case.gif

Milestone 3.

  • Box design

    To create a template for a box package, open up a new document in Illustrator 23in by 15in. When u have your new document open, rename the first layer shapes and turn the ruler on (Command +R) so you can change the units of measurements to millimeters by right clicking on the ruler and selecting millimeters. the first shape is 183mm by 20mm and make the second is 183mm by 80mm just bellow the first shape. Next select both shapes, go to your align panel Windows > Align and making sure to clicking on the first shape again to make it a key object, vertical distribute shape in your Align panel. the third shape is 183mm by 74mm just bellow your second shape and align that shape to the other two as well. Create the forth shape 16mm by 74mm and place it just left of your third shape and align it as well. Then make a fourth  93mm by 74mm to the right of the third shape and align it to the third shape. To make the curves for the flaps, create a small 7.21mm by 0.74mm box to use as a guide. Then place the box in the corner of you flaps and drag out some guides to the box guide so that you can move the box out of the way. Then using your add anchor point tool create two anchor points beside the corner point and remove the corner point, just make sure your guides are locked (View> Guides > Lock Guides) so that you don’t accidentally create the anchor points on your guides. For the glue flaps, we just need to move the corner anchor point to the right position, but we want the guide to be 7.21mm by 4.09mm this time. When you are done moving the corner points down to the correct position with your direct select tool, you hide and reveal your guides with “Control + ;” and you can clear the guides so that the screen is less cluttered View > Guides > Clear Guides. Next create a side panel with your rectangle tool that is 93mm by 56mm and use a 3.64mm by 4.09mm box as your guide to align guide lines to the top left corner and the bottom left corners (the ones touching the package) need a guide of 1.93mm by 1.13mm. Once the guides are in place, create an anchor point and move it to the first guide. Then move the top right corner point to the6.12mm by 1.13mm the bottom right 6.12mm by 6.13mm 6.18mm by 3.12mm

    to create the  bleed, select your die cut layer, duplicate it and go to Object > Path > Offset Path and make it 0.125in.

  • Package DesignFlexCase_Box_finish.jpg




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