Magazine Spread

In week sixteen we were tasked with creating or redesigning an 8 page magazine spread. so first we created a new In Design 9 page, 8in by 10.75in facing pages document, with a 0.125 bleed and a 0.5in margin. Then I went to the first page, which is the Magazines cover and created a unique column grid for this particular page. Going up to Layout in the Drop Down Menu and selecting Margins and Columns. Then in the Margins and Columns pop up window change the number of columns to 12 and bring the gutter down to 0.1667in. Using the column grid structure I laid out the elements for the magazine cover appropriately.


Next I went to the master page in the Pages Pannel and created a 6 collumn grid structure by going to Layouts > Margins and Columns in the Drop Down Menu and changing the column numbers to 6. I also inserted a folio at the bottom of the page with a second text box next to it for the page number. Then with the Text tool selected I went to Type > Insert Special Characters > Markers > Current Page Number in the Drop Down Menu. Then I copied both text boxes from the left page to the right and rearranged them properly. I also added the And using this grid structure I laid out the Mast Head and Contents pages.games_gen_magazine_2.jpgNext I used a baseline grid to unify the type on the rest of the pages by going to View > Grids and Guides and click on Show Baseline Grid. Next customize your baseline grid by going up to InDesign > Preferences > Grids and to make it aligned to your margin change the Relative option from “Top Page” to “Top Margin.” Next if you want your baseline grid to appear over any elements you place on the page deselect the “Grids in Background” box and then to keep the grid from disappearing when you zoom out change the View Threshold to about 5%. Finally, if you aligned your baseline grid to the “Top Margin” then it’s a good idea to adjust your Margins and Columns just slightly to fit nicely with the baseline grid. Just switch your Ruler (R on the keyboard) to points to be able to make finer adjustments.

After setting up your baseline grid, the text will still not snap to your baseline grid until you select the text with your Type Tool (T on the keyboard) and at the top of the document just bellow the In Designs Drop Down Menu select the paragraph options and check the “Align to Baseline Grid” button. Just keep in mind that the baseline grid will override your custom leading and if your text is too big then the text will automatically skip a line.games_gen_magazine_3games_gen_magazine_4games_gen_magazine_5

Drop Caps:
in paragraph styles go to the “Drop Caps and Nested Styles” section and you can select the number of lines you want that Drop Cap to take up. You can customize your drop cap by creating a character style and then select that character style in your Paragraph Styles under the “Drop caps and Nested Styles” section

For any edits you can go to the spell check by going to Edit > Spelling > Dynamic Spelling in your Drop Down Menu to enable auto spelling check for InDesign which will highlight any suspect words in the document. Otherwise going to Edit > Spelling > Check Spelling and this will go through one suspect word at a time, just make sure to to change your search option from Story to Document.

Additionally you can find and replace elements in the document by going to Edit > Find/Change (Command + F) and change your search option from Story to Document. You can not only find and replace words but also tabs, symbols, and markers (page numbers and stuff). To switch to your tabs for example click on the “@” symbol next to the find what and select Tabs. You can also find and change paragraph styles by clicking on the find format box to select the paragraph style you want to change. Then click on change format to find the paragraph style you want to replace the other style with and to change glyphs just click on glyph in the Find and Change popup window.

Preflight Pannel, left click on the little arrow on the error window on the bottom and select preflight pannel or you can find it in your widows in the Drop Down Menu. Creating a New Preflight pannel will allow it allows you to customize what errors In Design looks for.


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  1. sarahbristow says:

    Wow Gordan! Looks awesome! Really like the grid structure you have for the contents page~

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