Composite Two

Weeks fourteen and fifteen were dedicated solely to our second composite assignment. For this assignment we were tasked with creating a CD and a website for an existing music artist. The first task was to find and pick an artist, then to wright up a design brief about said artist. So after doing some research online I found an up an coming R&B artist from Toronto and I came up with a design brief.

After coming up with a design strategy I created some sketches for what the Jewel CD case could look like and the wireframe for the potential website.

After clearing all those hurdles I was ready to move on with my Jewel CD case and the CD. There are 5 main aspects when it comes the album design itself, the CD cover, the inside trey, the outside trey, the CD face and the booklet:

  1. CD Cover:
    Open up a new document in illustrator 10in x 8in and rename your layer “CD Cover.” Next center your ruler (command + R) by dragging from the intersection point of the ruler at top left hand corner to the center of the art board. Then change your ruler to millimeters by right clicking on it and selecting milometers. Then simply create a 120.5mm x 119.5mm rectangle and center it by going to your transform panel on the right hand side (Window >Transform) with your rectangle selected, then making the x and y values zero.cd_cover
  2. Inside trey:
    In illustrator create a new layer and rename it Inside Trey. In the Inside Tray layer take your rectangle shape tool and create a rectangle 128mm x 117.5mm, then center it by going to your transform panel and making both x and y values 0. Next create a 10mm x 117.5mm rectangle and align it to the center trey, and create 2 more rectangles 6mm x 117.5mm and align one to the right of the case and alight the other to the left sides.inside_trey
  3. Outside trey:
    Copy your Inside Trey Layer and rename it “Outside layer.” Then hide your Inside Trey layer and in the Inside Trey Layer simply merge the 128mm x 117.5mm rectangle with the 10mm x 117.5mm rectangle using the shape builder tool.outside_trey
  4. CD Face:
    Create a new layer in and rename it “CD Face.” Next create four ellipses with the ellipse tool, one 120mm x 120mm, the second 116mm x 116mm, the third 23mm x 23mm, and the fourth 15mm x 15mm. Finally just center all four ellipses in your transform panel by make the x and y values 0 for all four ellipses.cd_face

    Smart Objects.
    Select your CD Face layer and make a compound path (Object > Compound Path > Make) from the 116mm and the 13mm ellipses. Then create crop marks by going to Effect > Crop Marks and select everything in the CD face layer and copy it. Then open up Photoshop and create a new document called cd-face and make sure your color mode is CMYK and the background is transparent. Then just paste your CD face (Command + V) and make sure that smart object is selected but that your add to library check box is not selected. Then save your cd-face.psd file and go back to your illustrator document and File > Place the cd-face.psd file you just saved into your illustrator file. Just make sure your link check box is selected before placing. Then place your cd-face.psd image bellow your compound shape in the CD face layer and make a cliping mask by selecting both the compound shape and the cd-face.psd layers and going to Object > Clipping Mask > Make. Then if you make any adjustments to your Photoshop document will update in your Illustrator document.

  5. When creating the booklet in InDesign, there are a few different types of booklets one can make:
    For a 3 page spread make it 15in x 5in with 2 pages, deselect facing pages and have a margin of 0.24in and a bleed of 0.125in. Then go to the master page and in your Drop Down Menu go to Layout > Margins and Columns and create 3 columns with a 0.25in gutter. Then for the fold lines, drag out 2 guides from your ruler (Command + R) on the left hand side and place them in between your gutters. To convert image boxes or unused boxes to text boxes just go to Object > Content > Text in the Drop Down Menu. After creating a text frame you can give that text frame it’s own margins and columns by going to Object > Text Frame options.
    For a saddle cut booklet, create a new document in InDesing and make it 6 pages 5in x 5in, make sure facing pages is selected for this one and and have a margin of 0.24in and a bleed of 0.125in.
    For a poster create a new document in InDesing and make it 15in x 15in and deselect the facing pages options. Then on the master page and go to Layout > Margins and Columns and create 3 columns in the Drop Down Menu. Then go to Layout > Create Guides and create 3 rows and make sure that they are set to fit to the margins instead of page.booklet.jpg

    To get accents click Option + e then type the letter e or capital E.

Then I moved on to the web portion of the assignment, but before I did any programing, I created a web mock up of what I want the site to look like.

And here is a link to the finished site.

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