Type Poster

For our second Typography assignment we were tasked with designing an event poster for a specific audience and to use the appropriate font for the event. So The first thing I did when tackling this assignment was make a few tough sketches to narrow down what event and style I want to go with.type_poster_roughs

The theme I ended up settling on was Nuit Blanche in Toronto. My target audience for this assignment was creative young adults, both male and female between the ages of 18 and 28. I figured that the event was for people of all educational backgrounds and they probably live somewhere within the Greater Toronto Area. My goal was to keep the design simple, yet eye catching, and something that will automatically give the impression of an art event in Toronto at first glance. The two font types I settled ended up using was Gooddog for the tittle of the event and Edo to make certain elements pop. So both of the type faces have a rough, sketchy, and humanist look to them. I decided to make the most iconic monument in Toronto, the CN Tower into a pen as a symbol for Toronto sharing it’s creativity with everyone for one night.



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