Paint Brushes

Photoshop’s Paint Brush Tool allows you to paint colors and effects in a more dynamic way with a variety of different brush tip at your disposal. But before we do anything we should first open up a new document just so we have a work space to play around with the paint brushes. So go ahead open up File in the Drop Down Menu and click on New or just click “Command + N” to open a new document, and just make sure your Background Contents is set to white so that the brushes are easier to see and pres OK.Brushes_01 When you have your new document, go ahead and select the Brush Tool (B) from the Tool bar on your left you should be aware of the type of brush you are using, the blend mode, the opacity and the flow at the top of your document, just bellow your Drop Down Menu.Brushes_02Still in your Brush tool, you can change the shape, size, and hardness of your brush tips by opening up the Brush Picker on the top left or by right clicking  somewhere in your layer. However these are just your basic preset options, for more customization options for you brush click on the little Brush Pallets icon just to the right of the Brush Picker to get the full range of options for your brushes.Brushes_03When you select a different brush or change an attribute like the size or hardness in ether your Brush Picker window or the Brush Pallets window, those changes will automatically up in the other window. Brushes_04E Outside of these menus you can change the Size of your  blushes “[” or “]” hotkeys on your keyboard and you can change their hardness with “Shift + [” or “Shift + ]” keys. You can also select your last brush on the fly with “Shift + ,” or select your first brush with “Shift + .” on your keyboard. Other brush options you will find on the top include Modes whits allows you to apply blend modes to your brush and you change the Opacity or Flow up there as well. I kept everything at default (normal and 100%) but if you do make changes here just remember that these changes will not change back to default until you do it manually from the Brush tool selected,  even if you select other brushes to use these settings wont change.Brushes_12A Photoshop also allows users to create their own Brushes. You can create a brush out of any image you find on the web, but most of the time we are looking for a brush with edges so to do this you need an image that is completely surrounded by white or transparency on all four edges. So when you have found your image ether click “Command + O” or go up to File and click Open in your Drop Down Menu to open up your image in Photoshop.Brushes_05Once you have the document you want to create a brush out of open, then just go to Edit in the Drop Down Menu and click on Define Brush Preset. You will be prompted to name your new brush and once you have an appropriate name, press OK.Brushes_06After doing that, you will be able to fined your New Brush in the Brush Picker and you can customize all of its attributes within the Brush Pallets.Brushes_07.pngI customized my space invader brush In the Brushes Pallet, I customized my Space_Invaders_Brush by bringing the Size down to 150px and pushing the Spacing up to 100%. Then I added Shape Dynamics the brush and increased the Size Jitter to 94% and the Angle Jitter to 100%. And the last thing I added was Color Dynamics, where I changed the Foreground/Background Jitter to 70%.Brushes_08A.pngAfter making the new brush I wanted to give this lonely astronaut some companions in his space journey. So with “Command + O” I opened up my Astronaut image and created a New Layer to paint on by clicking on the New Layer button at the bottom of your Layers Panel or “Shift + Command + N” on your keyboard.Brushes_09Then I changed my foreground color to green and the background color to blue.Brushes_10Finally I just painted with my Space_Invaders_Brush onto my new layer so I don’t destroy the Astronaut image and ended up with something like


Space invader:




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