Humber Beginnings.

2016 marks the beginning of a brand new new journey for me. I’m taking Graphic Design for Print & Web course at Humber Collage and I’m meeting interesting new people and professors. The school itself provides a great environment for students to learn and study in comfort.

Humber Collage, Design Wing.

I’m inspired by amazing art and by brilliant minds of all sorts. I get just as inspired by great work of art or a movie as I do by scientists and explorers. In fact my two biggest heroes were not even artists but rather the infamous scientists, Albert Einstein and Nicola Tesla.


Imagination is more important then knowledge.
—Albert Einstein

What inspires me the most about these men is not only that they were the best at what they did, but they were capable of looking outside the box and envisioned things that no one else could.They inspire me to look beyond the horizon and to see a world without limits. I hope that one day, my designs can be the inspiration for future designers and artists.

Humber Blog


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  1. Ben says:

    Umm, no post about web??


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